Crys cole

Crys cole
Photo 1: crys cole, Recurrences, 2023, © Biennale Son Photos 2-3: crys cole, Recurrences, 2023, © Biennale Son, photo: FI'NI Stud

Recurrences, 2023

Sound installation (two sound pieces of varying dimensions, base, bathtub, sound system and water)

Recurrences returns the original source of energy from the Grande Dixence dam to La Centrale via intimate recordings made around and within the dam itself. This energetic material is relocated back into the dormant hydro plant as a memory or ghost, emerging from a still vessel of water surrounded by the distant sounds of its now empty house. 

crys cole

Born in Winnipeg (CA) in 1976

Lives in Berlin

crys cole lives and works in Berlin Germany. Her work encompasses composition, performance and sound installation. With focused listening at the core of her practice, she creates subtle, evocative works that incorporate haptic gestures and seemingly mundane materials. Weaving texturally nuanced works that shift sensory perspectives and continuously re-tune the ear.

Often site-specific, cole's installations draw from the unique materiality, history and sonic character of the spaces they inhabit. Her work has been exhibited at galleries and events worldwide.

She has performed extensively since 2001, both solo and in collaborations with Oren Ambarchi, James Rushford (as Ora Clementi), Annea Lockwood, David Behrman, Francis Plagne and many more. Her recordings have been commissioned and published by Black Truffle, Students of Decay, Boomkat, Second Editions and many others.

From 2008 – 2019 crys cole was the Director of the annual experimental music and sound art event Send + Receive: a festival of sound, in Winnipeg Canada. She has been involved in curation, radio, lecturing and more for over 25 years.  

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