Dominique Koch

Dominique Koch
Photo 1: Dominique Koch, Moving Knots Across Strings, © MASI Lugano, photo: Luca Meneghel - Photos 2-8: Dominique Koch, Fossiles sonores, 2022/2023, sound blown glass, unique. Biennale Son photo: FI'NI Stud.

Sound Fossils, 2022/2023

Glass, organic residues

Tobias and Dominique Koch, who had already had the opportunity to work together, notably for Dominique's exhibition, Beyond Chattering and Noise, at the Centre culturel suisse in Paris in 2015, were in residence at La Becque in 2022. Using a wide variety of microphones (hydrophone, geophone, infra- and ultra-sound pickup...), they recorded the Vevey landscape in its grandest aspects as well as its smallest crevices, and fed thirty days of radio with the recorded sounds, arranged in real time.

The audio material from the project was then used to generate sculptures. These objects, created from the vibrations and atmospheric pressures released by sound to blow molten glass, can be likened to sound fossils. These are the sculptures on display at La Centrale.

The website features recorded sounds, images of sound fossils and a series of conversations conducted by Tobias and Dominique Koch during their residency with Eduardo Kohn, Jeremy Narby and Salomé Voegeli. In English, they talk about sounds, silences, vibrations, plants...

The Terratones experience also fed into Dominique Koch's exhibition at MASI in Lugano in 2022.

Tobias Koch will also be putting on performances to close the Biennial on October 28 and 29.

Dominique Koch

Born 1983 in Lucerne

Lives and works in Paris and Basel

Dominique Koch, who graduated in Fine Arts in Leipzig, has since received numerous awards and encouragements for her original artistic path, nourished by the sciences and by political, social, economic and environmental reflection.

Her artistic work focuses on language and sound, both as a means of communication and as a plastic material. She explores communication between human beings, but also envisions an ecosystem in dialogue, uniting humans, nature and technology.

She sometimes collaborates with her brother Tobias, a musician, sound designer and performer.

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