Laura Morier-Genoud

Laura Morier-Genoud

What if the dam burst, 2023

5 digital prints (80x120cm), photograms (exposed to liquid) of 10'' sound samples

If the title of the piece evokes fiction, it is a documentary quest that feeds it. Laura Morier-Genoud went to listen to the Grande-Dixence dam. Using appropriate microphones - hydrophone, geophone, etc. - she captured the sounds, diving into the water, earth and snow around the monumental structure. Each image we see corresponds to the variations of a ten-second sound sequence, passed from the membrane of a loudspeaker to photosensitive paper exposed to developer. This principle, developed for her diploma work in bâchelor at ÉDHÉA, is equivalent for the artist to a form of encounter with a landscape.

Laura Morier-Genoud is in residence at the Musée d'art du Valais, and her studio will be regularly open during the Biennial, with a program of happenings.

Laura Morier-Genoud

Born in 1996 in Vevey

Lives and works in Miège

After obtaining a CFC in photography at the Centre de formation professionnelle in Vevey, Laura Morier-Genoud continued her studies with a specialization in film at Eracom, Lausanne, and a Bachelor of Visual Arts at EDHEA, graduating in June 2023.

Laura Morier-Genoud works with the territory and its ecosystems. She uses photography and sound, including their fabrication and processes, to explore and formulate installations and performances. Water is an element that accompanies her philosophical and political approach to the landscape, with a view to forging lasting links with the environment.

The artist's work is rooted in different temporalities, drawing on documentary material to construct narratives that are likely to resonate with the imaginations and implications of each individual.

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